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NEWview for Lightning Launcher

Developer: werksmannschaft
1.07 usd

NEWview is a theme/template for Lightning Launcher. This ThemeTemplate only work with LL, Kustom Widget and Tasker.For use ONLY with Lightning Launcher v12.8 or higher.The Screenresolution for this Theme/Template is overall 1080x1920 (no Softkeys/ no Statusbar). You have to adjust Widgets and maybe javascript if the Resolution of your Phone is different.
2 Pages (5 Subpages), Navigation by Scroll or Tap.Resolution is 1920x1080 (w/o Navkeys).Should work with other Resolutions and Navkeys too, you may need to adjust the Widgets.
RSS-Feed scrolls up and down with arrows.Agenda scrolls also up and down with arrows.

Applications you need:
Lightning Launcher >= 12.8:
Kustom Widget Maker /pro:
You may need Lucent Remix Icons
Important Information:

If you never used one of the listed Applications before or if you are not prepared to show some self-initiative and to learn by yourself, then It’s better to stop here !!
The additional Applications and Widgets you need to use this Theme/Template are NOT included.
Additionlal ConfigurationFiles (Tasker) are here: will find there the Walls for QHD too.
Do the Taskerstuff and KWidgetstuff before you load the Template in LL !

Copy ll_klwp_wkgt_notify.prjj.xml file to following folder on you sdcardExample: /sdcard/Tasker/projects/Import the Settings in Tasker (press Home-Icon > Import)

Kustom Widget:
Copy all files to your sdcardExample: /sdcard/Kustom/widgets/or download de.werksmannschaft.kwgt.NEWview.apk and install (recommended)After you start the new installed App/Theme you may get the error that LL is stopped. Dont worry it should work anyway.
In LL Lockscreen is activated by defaultYou need JavaScript enabled within LL
Please adjust Wallpaper size in Desktopsettings.
Have Fun
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